What is a funeral registry book?

What is a funeral registry book?

You just attended your first funeral and saw a guest book. This book allows for guests attending the ceremony to check in with the hosts, sign their name and leave a memory. It is known as a funeral registry book and to the hosts, it means more than just paper and ink. It also a moment of closure as guests coming from all over gather to share moments that are happy, sad and unforgettable.

Other names for a funeral registry book include: 

- funeral guest book

- remembrance book for funeral (can be specially designed for remembrance day)

- funeral signature book

- celebration of life guest book memorial guest book (also can be specially designed for remembrance day).


LIFETOO ocean sunset funeral guest registry

Lifetoo Leather Funeral Guest Registry

We currently have two signature funeral registry books if you are interested in purchasing one or taking a deeper look.

 Personalized Funeral Book

 Personalization in a funeral book usually includes:

1. Details page of date, address of person born and laid to rest.

2. Photo Pockets

and sometimes a completely custom book such as a custom hardcover binding or personal quotes engraved all over for the book. 


Our books come with both standard personalization touches. 



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