What is a celebration of life?

What is a celebration of life?

A Celebration of life an event dedicated to telling story of the deceased. It is an unique opportunity for friends and family to pay tribute to a loved one. People come together to reminisce on the accomplishments, hardships, and other moments they shared with the individual. 

Are You Planning One? 

Here are some questions to consider:

1. Does the celebration of life reflect the loved one's passions? Would he or she enjoy the festivities and mood of this celebration? 

2. How do you plan to allow the participants to say goodbye, have closure, and begin the healing process through this celebration? 

3. Do you have a checklist of details ready? 


A sample checklist:

Who will be invited?

The saying "its not about where, but you are with". The people set the mood. 

Make a list on paper and add as you go. 


Where and when? 

Make sure to plan and schedule in advance to ensure maximum turnout from

your invite list. Also make sure to find a location that fits the mood or is of easier access to the majority of your invite list. 

Ex) Beach, Rooftop, Mountain Summit, Etc. 

What Mood Should Be Set?

How do you want to decorate the space, who should play music if there is going to be music, what type of vibe do we want to celebrate in? 


What Food or Beverages Should Be Served?

 Do you want a proper sit-down meal or finger foods so the guests can stand and chat? 


Who Should Speak If There is a Speech and What Details Should Be Shared?

Should you give a speech or should you allow everyone to come up and share a moment? What do you want everyone to remember for the individual whose life is being celebrated? You can use one of our Celebration of Life Guest Book to store all these special moments and keep a guest attendance. 



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