Top 5 Funeral Guest Books

Top 5 Funeral Guest Books

Judge a book by its cover. Funeral guest books often represent the last safekeep of memories following closure for a loved one. Therefore you should spend quality time for consideration of a guest book. The moments written in them can lead to many treasures meant to be passed down the heritage.

Today, I'm going to be breaking down my list of top 5 funeral guest books we found.

Not listed in order:


 Funeral Guest Book | In Loving Memory | Celebration of Life Sign In Book | Bonus - White Memory Table Sign Included

Starting off our list is "The Cherish Company's Funeral Guest Book"

This book is the best "bang for your buck". For the price, this 9" x 7" book provides the best value as it comes with a stand. Standard guest page and detail page. 


The fourth on our list is the "Gallery Leather Guest Book Acadia Navy" by Gallery Leather Co. which offers beautiful colors with 192 pages. This is a book crafted in the U.S, which does not always mean higher quality, does mean high price. This measures the same size as #5 (9" x 7") which is a big surprise for the price. 


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For the third option, I present to you an alternative to the above. LIFETOO's leather funeral book. Our book measures 11.5" x 9" giving you plenty of space to write while also providing the same leather feel, ribbon, and a new addition of a photo space. All for a value price of $25 opposed to $36.



For the second option, I present to you "BookFactory's Leather Funeral Guest Book" which comes in many different color options. Its very suitable for any sort of occasion your loved one may have wanted. It also measures in the smaller range of (9" x 7"). The lettering detail is beautiful as is the leather options. The price point is the same at $24.99.


Lifetoo Funeral Guest Book

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Finally the first option, I recommend to you LIFETOO's ocean themed hardcover funeral book. This book takes whats boring about traditional funeral books and adds a celebratory twist. The HD cover adds another dimension of personalization especially if you are having a beach-side ceremony. The book measures up to our aforementioned leather book (11.5" x 9")  and comes standard with the photo pocket, 100+ guest spaces, ribbon, and more. 


To recap, we went through 5 different funeral guest books. Ranging from $16 to $36. You should decide what price point to styling you receive you are most comfortable with. Is this funeral occasion going to be a happy one? A bittersweet one? A beachside one? Match the occasion and make sure to grab a guest book if you do plan one. The memories kept inside are worth it!

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