Guest Registry Book

Guest Registry Book

You might ask what is a guest registry book? 

Well it's the quinessential book for life's many occasions: funerals, weddings, parties, etc.

You have to look past the fact its a bunch of wood, bindings, and glue. Its a place to for guests at your party to gather for as long as the bindings last. What does that mean? People signing in might also leave a comment that will last you as long as the book remains useable. So when you do plan for any major event such as a wedding, a celebratory party, or a funeral you should use a guest book.

Let's discuss the core parts of a guest registry book:

- Sign In pages for guests which usually offers space for name and expression

- Ribbon for bookmarking pages

- Ability to lay flat when opened 

Some guest books might also have additional features such as LIFETOO's photo pocket on the front cover and front page of funeral and wedding guest book respectively.

Here are some examples: Wedding Guest Book 9"x7" (Grey Wood) - WGB-Gry: Office Products

Guest registry | Etsy

If you're interested in purchasing a wedding guest book, we're launching one in white leather with gold text and a personal front cover photo pocket. Check back here as I will update this with a link once it launches. 


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